Holy Spring by Laurence Pike

Released May 17th, 2019
The Leaf Label, UK

PURCHASE LP/CD/DL: https://laurencepike.bandcamp.com/album/holy-spring


  1. Mystic Circles
  2. Daughter Of Mars
  3. Dance Of The Earth
  4. Transire
  5. Drum Chant
  6. Holy Spring
  7. The Shock Of Hope
  8. Taught By Spirits
  9. Rites

Distant Early Warning by Laurence Pike

Released March 30th, 2018
The Leaf Label, UK

Originally conceived as a technological and spiritual jazz suite for drums, Distant Early Warning is a series of solo performances for kit and sampler recorded live in a single day.

PURCHASE LP/CD/DL: https://laurencepike.bandcamp.com/album/distant-early-warning


  1. A1. Life Hacks
  2. A2. Distant Early Warning
  3. A3. Cloud And Wires
  4. B1. Hard Feelings
  5. B2. Cyber Bully
  6. B3. Corporate Memory